It’s one thing selecting the right online casino, identifying which bonuses are the most worthwhile is another, but what about playing the games after that? A team of gaming review specialists at Slotsquad think they might have the solved best case so far as to which is the game of choice. In their latest analysis, the team used information from several top mobile casino brands along with data gathered by fifty random gaming site members who used Desktop for playability purposes. The results offered Slotsquad an overview of the current mobile slots and online casino landscape, as to where players most promptly wager their bets.

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During the first phase of the game of choice project, team members gathered data from five top UK online casinos, three popular mobile casinos and two leading bingo brands that featured side games. The information came from a total of ten streams that covered all areas, game genres, game types and player profiles of a variable gaming industry partition. It meant that Slotsquad could use the data to begin assessing where the major activity was taking place across a wide range of casino platforms, and on what class of games. Adam Dale of the Squad commented, “We’ve always been a gaming review site biased towards slots because we know players look for variety and value, we just want to prove it.”

The team went on to cross reference playability timeframes, player activity, game correlation and hot zones, a term coined by Slotsquad’s Neil Paige for games that carry magnetic momentum with members. It was at this point that they discovered more than 71% of all UK online casino games played at a given point in time, where online slots. Not only do they make up the greatest proportion of gaming capacity, but they also carry the variety that roulette, blackjack, and video poker fail to harness.

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Furthermore, mobile slots and desktop slot games build the jackpots, use bonus features and incorporate creative themes for entertainment value. Slotsquad believes that the strong case for slot popularity comes from mass marketing based on huge jackpots and media angles such as movies and trending themes.

Others believe that mobile slot designs built on the back of powerful HTML5 software is the staple diet for iPhone Casino players who want the graphics and sound score to accompany their reel spinning. In another area of the assessment, several players used tablet devices to play slots with the iPad and iPad Mini proving most popular as mobile casino delivery systems. If you take into account the booming market that is mobile, add in the growth of slots offered by UK online casinos and then merge it with the prospect of huge jackpots. Is it any wonder that crown them the game of choice?

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