The Rise of the UFC into the Company it is today

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, it seems appropriate to look back on how the company has grown into the global sporting behemoth it is today. The sport continues to rise in popularity, and its appeal is wide reaching. There is something about physical combat sports which have a unique appeal, and the UFC has tapped into this to provide a product like no other.

Of course, it has taken the company a long time to garner the interest and popularity it now enjoys. When the UFC was developed in the early 1990s it was slow to take ahold among more established combat sports, like boxing and wrestling. Many were taken aback by its violent nature. Indeed, US senator John McCain lobbied a campaign to ban the UFC, referring to it as the equivalent of “human cockfighting”.

Once the rules were redefined and the sport became more regulated, its popularity began to grow steadily. However, the company struggled financially in the pay-per-view market, and eventually branched off into reality television with the advent of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ – a show which featured up and coming MMA talent competing for a six-figure UFC contract. The programme was an instant success, and led to more television opportunities for the company, and as a result the sport began to gain a stronger footing commercially. Continue reading “The Rise of the UFC into the Company it is today”

Push your equine knowledge to the limit

As the world’s most famous horse race makes an appearance once more, we’re challenging you to push your equine knowledge to the limit! To make sure you pick the best Grand National runners 2018, all you have to do is take a look at the individual stats of the anonymous horses in each question, and figure out who they’re referring to. Sounds simple right? Well this quiz is designed for only the biggest of horse racing fans. The stats range from age, place of birth, jockey, and even a few hints about what races they’ve won. Think outside of the box and see how many you can get right! Challenge your friends, share it around and see who the best is!

Good luck, and try not to get too smug when you win!

Can you find ten hidden Easter Eggs in the painting?

With Easter just round the corner, it’s time to see if you’re feeling lucky! This awesome game courtesy of Paddy Power Slots gives you the chance to win with your friends and colleagues. This fantastic Easter themed image contains ten hidden Easter Eggs somewhere in the painting, and it’s up to you to find them! Use your wit and cunning to find all ten, and feel like a winner!

Let us know if you managed to find all ten, and if you didn’t, tell us where you got stuck, maybe someone can help!

See value in the under/over goal market

There is one market in football betting that isn’t as popular as it should be, and it’s hard to see why because the under/over goal market often holds great value!

So what is the under/over goal market? This market is basically asking you to bet whether you think there will be over or under X amount of goals in a match. There are two outcomes, under X amount of goals or over X amount of goals. The most common market selection is the under/over 2.5 goal market. How can there be 0.5 of a goal I hear you ask?…well you are right, there can’t. The 0.5 is so that you can bet on 2 or less in the under market or 3 plus on the over market. So betting on under 2.5 goals means that you are betting on there to be 0, 1 or 2 goals in the match.

So what makes this a good bet? First off lets compare it to basic head to head betting of teams where you say one team or the other will win or if it will be a draw. This bet has 3 outcomes, so there is more chance that you will lose your bet. The under/over market only has 2 outcomes there so there is more chance of guessing the correct outcome. In addition to this, when a big team plays a small team the odds will be very low for the big team, so this bet will have little value. In the under/over market you can usually find better odds of between 1.5 or 2.5.

Another great advantage of the under/over market is that it doesn’t matter which team scores. You are just guessing whether there will be more or less than X goals in the match, so if the other team scores or starts winning it has less of an effect than some more specific bets where you may have bet on the scoreline or for one particular team to win. This makes the under/over market great for neutral fans.

The under/over goal market is also very easy to predict using statistics. To work out whether to bet on the under or over market, add up all the goals scored by each team over the season and then average the numbers and add them together.

So for example: Team X have scored 55 goals so far this season in 25 games and team Y have scored 65. So averaging each of those stats gives 2.2 and 2.6 goals per game respectively. Adding these together gives: 4.8. If you were betting on the under/over 2.5 goal market it would be a good idea to bet on over 2.5 goals in this game between team X and team Y. Of course other factors do play a part, but this technique gives you an easy way to use statistics to your advantage.

The under/over goals market is one of our favourites. Give it a try and see why we love it so much!

Real Madrid may be on a streak – Go place Your bets the right way

Are you ready for more football action? Tired of tennis? We love betting on all sporting events, but there’s something about going back to football that always puts us in a great mood. Of course, we’re into the Champions League games, and we’re excited to see if Real Madrid is going to pull off winning two years in a row. Or will a new team rise up to claim the title?

Capture the thrill through sports betting

If you’re looking for a fast, thrilling activity to keep your attention during the games, why not place a few bets? After all, you’re probably the person in your office pool that seems to automatically know all of the best picks. Sure, you don’t win all the time, but let’s face it — who does?

Make sure that you’re making the grade by being willing to place a few bets. Not sure where to get started? Keep reading, we have more answers for you!


The Venue Makes the Value

Most experienced punters know that it’s where you play that makes a difference in how your bets turn out. Every bookmaker offer different odds that are slightly varied, so it’s important to scout out different places to play. Also, some places let you do more bet variations than others. If you’re in the mood for a more exotic bet, you could certainly take care of that.

We like to check out when looking for new and popular bookies because the site is easy to navigate, there are plenty of betting guides and you can always find some amazing bonus offers.

So you get the best of both worlds: you can watch the big games, and then see how your bets fared. If you get good at betting picks, you can start playing with different types of bets. After all, going for the underdog is profitable if you start crunching statistics and other data before you make your ultimate decision.

If you’re already doing an office betting pool, you could get a little extra money for referring your friends to the site so they can place their bets too. This gives your social group a more real time feel. Throw in Google Hangouts or Skype and really have a great time.

Ready to get in on the action? Make sure that you go to Monster Bet and look at the best current bonus packages. These promotions change all of the time, so it would be really silly for us to include any specifics in a guide that’s meant to last. Bonuses give you basically free bets that you can use to experiment, refine your strategy, or just pull in a little more money.

Why not check it out today? The games are just getting started, so there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and place bets the right way!