Revealed: the best Bond casinos to visit this summer

The $7 billion James Bond film franchise is responsible for some of the most iconic casino scenes in cinema history. And no one can call themselves a true 007 fan without having visited the real casino where they were shot. That’s why, to celebrate filming for the 25th Bond movie, the guys from bgo online casino have decided to explore some of the best Bond casinos you can visit this summer.  

Up there on the list is the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. You’ll instantly recognise its grand Belle Époque architecture from not just one, but two classic Bond flicks: Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye. Inside is equally glamorous. Expect hand-crafted gaming tables and Bohemian crystal glass chandeliers, which give the whole place a magical golden glow. Continue reading “Revealed: the best Bond casinos to visit this summer”

Online Slots for Real Money

One perk of playing slots online is that the casinos offer free slots. By playing for free, you get to enjoy the game without risking the loss of any money. The downside, of course, is that you cannot win any money, either. If you are looking for a way to walk away from the slot machine with extra money in your pocket, it is time to play Online Slots UK for real money.

One word of caution is that slots have a high house edge. That means the odds favor the house and in the long run you are expected to lose money by playing. You will lose more money playing slots than games with a more favorable house edge, such as blackjack. Though you are likely to lose money playing slots, they are appealing because of the chance of winning big money on any spin.

The real money slot games have risk that the free games do not, but they also have a reward and excitement that doesn’t come with the free games. Hitting the jackpot has low odds, so the chances aren’t great that you will play a slot and then get rich and get to retire. It does happen, though. People have won life-changing amounts by hitting the jackpot of an online slot. More often, players win smaller amounts and leave the gaming session with a little more money than when they started.

Slot machines are a balance between risk and reward. Generally speaking, the more money you risk, the greater your potential reward if you win. Betting small amounts will help your money last longer, but it means your payouts will be smaller. Betting larger amounts will earn you bigger payouts, but it also means your bankroll will be depleted more quickly.

Playing online slots for real money has a benefit besides winning, though. Another benefit is the prospect of winning along with the fear of losing. Having money on the line creates tension, so playing for real money has more drama than playing free slots. Playing slots for free, it’s easy to keep spinning without a sense of excitement. When real money is at stake, though, the stakes are higher and you are emotionally and financially invested in the outcome.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style

Can’t face another Valentines in some overly expensive restaurant? Bored of teddies and roses? Can’t deal with another box of chocolates? Why not get away from the mayhem for a few days and celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. We’ve teamed up with Vegas Luck to bring you this awesome travel guide to the world’s most romantic and stylish Casinos.

Got a thing for rooftop pools? Why not head to Singapore! The Marina Bay Sands boasts the largest rooftop infinity pool in the world, offering magical views across the Singapore skyline. And when you’ve both had enough of relaxing pool-side, try your luck in the resort’s ultra-sleek casino. You’ll find exclusive high-limit tables and over 2,300 slot machines to choose from. Continue reading “Celebrate Valentine’s Day in style”

Has Cryptocurrency Actually Taken Off at Casinos?

The mysterious payment method known as cryptocurrency has made waves online ever since Bitcoin launched in 2009. While casinos have often offered a variety of different payment methods, they may not have the capacity to accept cryptocurrencies. Are the cryptocurrencies actually taking off as a form of payment? Let’s explore this intriguing currency.

A Brief History of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which operates entirely online. It has no real-life counterpart like notes or coins and was designed and encrypted to be used for extremely secure bank transactions.

Crypto has been around since 1983 when American David Chaum invented ecash. It hit the mainstream with the launch of Bitcoin and has been a talking point among governments and consumers alike for many years. Continue reading “Has Cryptocurrency Actually Taken Off at Casinos?”

How Scientists beat the house with Chaos Theory in Roulette

Roulette is far and away the only casino game that is seen by the vast majority of hardened punters as the one game where fairly simple maths dictates the outcome. Simple number patterns can be used to predict the outcome and this has been the go-to tactic for Roulette for years.

Fairly recently though, it’s been suggested that a scientific phenomenon called Chaos Theory could assist players to get a greater edge over the house when playing live casino games.

What is Chaos Theory?

To put it fairly simply, Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics that focusses on things that are highly susceptible to small changes that can massively affect the outcome. Like Roulette for example, the wheel can be spun at the exact same speed, the ball can be placed in the exact same place but the result will not always be the same. Continue reading “How Scientists beat the house with Chaos Theory in Roulette”

The Rise of the UFC into the Company it is today

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, it seems appropriate to look back on how the company has grown into the global sporting behemoth it is today. The sport continues to rise in popularity, and its appeal is wide reaching. There is something about physical combat sports which have a unique appeal, and the UFC has tapped into this to provide a product like no other.

Of course, it has taken the company a long time to garner the interest and popularity it now enjoys. When the UFC was developed in the early 1990s it was slow to take ahold among more established combat sports, like boxing and wrestling. Many were taken aback by its violent nature. Indeed, US senator John McCain lobbied a campaign to ban the UFC, referring to it as the equivalent of “human cockfighting”.

Once the rules were redefined and the sport became more regulated, its popularity began to grow steadily. However, the company struggled financially in the pay-per-view market, and eventually branched off into reality television with the advent of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ – a show which featured up and coming MMA talent competing for a six-figure UFC contract. The programme was an instant success, and led to more television opportunities for the company, and as a result the sport began to gain a stronger footing commercially. Continue reading “The Rise of the UFC into the Company it is today”

Where is Bingo Most Popular Around the World?

With its fun, social aspect, bingo has grown to become one of the most popular forms of gambling around the world, both online and in halls. However, despite the game following a similar format, the history behind it within each country differs significantly.

With this in mind, here are the countries where bingo is most popular around the world and how the game made its first appearance.


Bingo was embraced by Germany in 1880, but the game’s format is now very similar to how it’s played in the UK. Originally known as “der Lottospeil”, the phrase “volltreffer” would be exclaimed when someone won during a game.

However, bingo is more than just a form of entertainment in Germany and is actually used as a teaching method in schools; primarily for maths, spelling and even history. This has encouraged considerable popularity growth within every generation, and has also inspired bingo to become a teaching technique in the UK. Overall, there are now more than 40 dedicated bingo halls across Germany. Continue reading “Where is Bingo Most Popular Around the World?”

Is Cryptocurrency the future of Casinos?

Dipping a toe in the world of online gambling can be an intimidating endeavour, there are just so many sites to choose from! If you want to play in a bricks and mortar casino your options will be limited by your geographical location, but if you’re looking online you can afford to be a bit choosy and find the site that’s right for you.

Going for big names and looking for the best games possible like the ones you’ll find at Betfair online slots is a good way to go, but sometimes you might have a more specific need when you’re signing up for a casino site that informs your decision. Maybe you’re looking for a site that has a really active live casino section because that’s what you’re most interested in or you might want to go for one with a particularly good app because you tend to use your phone to play. If you’re someone interested in the boom of cryptocurrency, you might be interested in a site that allows you to bet using Bitcoins or other virtual currencies. In fact, casinos are arguably one of the few industries trying to innovate and accept this new form of currency as standard. However, whilst it’s largely been accepted, there is still a long way to go before the virtual currencies can be ready for mainstream use. Continue reading “Is Cryptocurrency the future of Casinos?”

Histories and Origins about Casino Games

Thanks to a move online in the mid-1990s, and serious technological developments over the past few decades, casino games are faster, flashier and more accessible than ever before. Indeed, millions of us are now enjoying the expansive selection of casino games available across all our favourite devices, and more wi-fi hotspots mean we can pull out our smartphones or tablets and have a quick gaming session whenever and wherever we choose.

But all this, combined with the cutting-edge graphics on show in in today’s online slots, blackjack and roulette titles, also mean it’s easy to forget the long and rich histories which lie behind some of the most popular casino games. Many have been played for centuries and are steeped in fun facts and mysterious legends. Continue reading “Histories and Origins about Casino Games”

10 Things you probably didn’t know about Scratchcards

We all know what scratchcards are and it probably seems safe to assume there wouldn’t be many interesting facts to learn about them. That, however, is where you’re wrong.

So without any further ado, lets us treat you to 10 things you probably didn’t know (or need to know) about scratchcards:

1. A scratchcard can go by many different names in the English language, so if ever you hear someone at the shop asking for, a ‘scratch off’, ‘scratch ticket’, ‘scratcher’, ‘scratch’, ‘scratch-it’, ‘scratch game’ or ‘scratch-and-win’, you’ll know what they’re talking about – generally the theme here is the word ‘scratch’.

2. In 2010 online versions of scratchcards became available. They used systems such as Flash and were (and still are) available at many bingo sites.


3. Scratchcards are not only offered as gambling products, but are also used by companies to send private information to customers! Institutions such as banks will often seal a pin code underneath a scratch panel; this allows the recipient to know whether the mail has been tampered with and therefore whether the sensitive information has been compromised.

4. The First scratchcard was produced in 1974 by a scientist called John Koza with the help of a retail specialist, their product was an instant lottery game.

5. Some lottery companies will allow you to know whether the major prizes have already being paid out on a series of cards. Knowing this information could stop you from wasting your money!

6. The most expensive scratchcard available over the counter costs a whopping $30USD, which is around £20!

7. The top jackpot prize in the UK is £1M and that card costs £5 to buy.

8. In the UK the National Lottery payout to 694,301 winners each day!

9. The first scratch card introduced in the UK in 1995 and was introduced by Camelot, it cost £1 to buy.

10. In New Zealand, only 12 cards can be sold at a time.

So there you have it, ten facts you probably didn’t know about scratchcards. Of course, knowledge is power, but unfortunately unless you’re a statistician and you can decipher a pattern, it doesn’t seem likely that you’re going to be a guaranteed winner.

One such person who is a statistician is Joan Ginther, she has won just short of £13 million by buying scratchcards. It’s never been known for sure but it is speculated that she has used her number knowledge to track down the winning cards by discovering other information such as shipping dates, critics would probably say her luck is based on the sheer number of cards she has bought.

Enjoy the scratchcards but don’t get carried away, that’s the best idea!