Where is Bingo Most Popular Around the World?

With its fun, social aspect, bingo has grown to become one of the most popular forms of gambling around the world, both online and in halls. However, despite the game following a similar format, the history behind it within each country differs significantly.

With this in mind, here are the countries where bingo is most popular around the world and how the game made its first appearance.


Bingo was embraced by Germany in 1880, but the game’s format is now very similar to how it’s played in the UK. Originally known as “der Lottospeil”, the phrase “volltreffer” would be exclaimed when someone won during a game.

However, bingo is more than just a form of entertainment in Germany and is actually used as a teaching method in schools; primarily for maths, spelling and even history. This has encouraged considerable popularity growth within every generation, and has also inspired bingo to become a teaching technique in the UK. Overall, there are now more than 40 dedicated bingo halls across Germany. Continue reading “Where is Bingo Most Popular Around the World?”

No Deposit Bingo Bonus

You may already know that a “Free No Deposit Bonus” is cash or bonuses given to you upon joining a site. You may know that these bonuses can be used absolutely anywhere within the site (with slots typically being the only exception) and you may also know that you can play online bingo for free and win real cash with this money. However – you may have become so excited that you stopped reading right there! Mistake! On this page we have detailed every little thing that you may need to know before you head off and join every site offering free Bingo Bonuses!

Can I Withdraw My Free No Deposit Bonus?

In short, no. While your free No Deposit Bingo Cash can usually be spent anywhere on the site and the answer to that other question on all of your lips is yes – you CAN win real cash using your Free No Deposit Bonus, you need to know that you will never be able to withdraw your bonus or your winnings until you meet the requirements of the bingo site in question.

No Deposit Bingo Bonus

This is true of every single bingo site online, so don’t go thinking you’ve ended up with a raw deal if it turns out that your site does rule that you need to fulfil some requirements. Indeed, some wager and depositing requirements of some bingo sites will be far higher than others, so to ensure you aren’t joining a site with sky-high requirements that you know you’ll never meet, read the requirements BEFORE YOU JOIN! These will be found in the Terms & Conditions.

What are the Benefits of my No Deposit Bonus?

Just because you can’t withdraw the cash until you meet the wagering and depositing requirements of the bingo site you have chosen does not mean that you will lose any cash that you win – those winnings will still be there when it comes time for you to deposit, so as long as you intend to deposit at some point then your winnings will still be all yours. Of course, your free bonus means that you can get a good feel for the site and the standard of the bingo games on offer without spending any of your own money. This also means that if you decide a site isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, you can walk away knowing that you don’t have any money locked inside a bingo account that you don’t wish to use.

If your intention was only ever to play for fun, then by all means use up that Free No Deposit bonus with the understanding that if you win, you can’t withdraw. The benefits of this include completely free bingo fun and of course completely free bingo practise!

Ways To Win More At Online Bingo

Many people claim there are ways to win more at online bingo. Well strictly speaking this isn’t actually true but there are some things you can do to get more value and risk less but win more. Bingo tactics are largely ineffective and those systems which claim they know ways to win more at online bingo are simply rubbish. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more value out of online.

Win More At Bingo

If you want to win more at bingo then check out these top tips.

1 – A great way to win more at bingo is to really take advantage of the sign up bonus deals that online bingo sites have on offer. Most good bingo sites are offering players at least a 100% deposit bonus. So all you have to do is sign up, deposit some cash and they will double it. The higher the percentage of the bonus on offer the more free money you will be getting. If you do decide to use this tactic then you will be getting double the play for your money meaning you have 50% more opportunities to win completely free. Check out Golden Bingo to see where the best bonuses are at right now!

Bingo tactics

2 – You can increase the frequency in which you win at online bingo by playing in bingo games which have a small amount of players in them. The fewer players in the games the more chance you have of actually winning the game. However, when you do win and there are only a small number of players in the field you will be winning less money.

3 – Playing in free bingo games is a great way to win more completely risk free. This doesn’t mean signing up to online bingo sites and only playing with the free money they give you. It means signing up making a deposit and then becoming eligible to play in the free money games which are on offer. Often you will be able to find games of free bingo with prizes of as much as £50 on offer. Usually you will find these free bingo games are only available to online bingo players who have made a real money deposit.

4 – Finally if you want to increase the frequency that you win at then buying more bingo cards in the game you are playing will give you a greater chance of winning. The problem with this strategy is that when you lose you will lose more money the more cards you buy. The best way to use this strategy would be to use the free money you got from your deposit bonus to increase the amount of cards you play. Doing it this way means that the extra cards you have bought are free.

Do You dare to try Your Luck with Bingo Online

Some people like to play it safe, but if you’re reading this, you might be one of the chosen few that like to push the proverbial envelope and challenge the way things have always been. Maybe you’re the one that always speaks up at work, leading the team without necessarily being the leader. If that’s the type of person you are in real time, we humbly salute you. The world truly needs more people like you, out there fighting the good fight for all of the other people that just don’t have the heart or desire to speak up. And that’s perfectly okay; there’s room at the table for everyone, you know.

Speaking of a place that has room for everyone, it’s time to try luck with bingo online. It’s a great idea because you get to leave your problems behind for a while. When we stop to play a few bingo games, we’re not thinking about the coworkers that made us angry as the long queue around the service station because everyone just got off work. We’re thinking about how fun it would be to win a huge jackpot, and be able to take our family on a wonderful holiday that they’d never forget. At least, not for a while anyway. Winning that type of money would be incredible, and it doesn’t cost anything to dream…right?

Not at all! So that’s why we want to encourage you to check out great bingo action online, where you can play as much as you desire. If you want to make a long weekend day out of being in the bingo rooms, you’re not going to get any complaints from us or the bingo portal. We do want you to realize that it’s up to you to control your own entertainment, just the way you control other aspects of your life.

It’s a great way to spend your time without losing complete track of it. You will always know where you’re playing and what you’re doing. If you do find that you get distracted, you can always set a small kitchen timer as you play. Once the timer buzzes, you can stop your gameplay and go back to your other tasks.

There’s a level of confidentiality that we love, because no one will know that you play online bingo unless you tell them. You can just focus on all of the thrills waiting for you and skip the rest. So if you’re ready to bring the conqueror’s spirit to the bingo room, now is the time to spring into action!

Try the best of Bingo Games without using a single drop of petrol

Petrol. Our neighbors across the pond call it gas, but we know the real deal when we see it. We see it at the pump, which is getting more expensive every single day. We hear our friends talk about it at work, because going back and forth from home to work five or six days a week gets pretty tiring and expensive after a while. But you can try best of bingo games without using a single drop of petrol.

Bingo Games

How? The answer can be found in your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. You can log on to the House of Bingo and check out all of the bingo variants that they have to offer, the community that loves the site, and the chance to win a little extra money on the side. When you combine those three things together, you get a thrilling adventure that’s waiting for you every time you flip on your laptop and sit down. If you want to take your experience on the go, you can do that.

But it’s not just bingo waiting for you. Some people like to play blackjack, while others like to play slot games. You’ll find a nice selection of slot games to pass the time. After all, if you were forced to play just one game you’d probably go crazy!

Is this a good way to freeze boredom in its track? Absolutely. We like to think about ways to avoid spending money on petrol because it’s not just costly financially, it’s costly in terms of where you spend your time. Sometimes the queue for petrol can be long after everyone’s gotten off work. Do you want to queue up, or do you want to get to the fun without hassle? Continue reading “Try the best of Bingo Games without using a single drop of petrol”

How to Find a Genuine Bingo Site

There will be some people that worry about bingo sites. They worry that there are sites out there which are not genuine and that the games are not real. They worry that they are paying to play but no one actually wins the prizes on offer and so the site is a fake. If you are worried about this, then there are things that you can do to check for right bingo games and put your mind at rest.

Look for Payment Proofs

Often in forums specifically for certain types of games, such as bingo, people will post proofs that they have been paid or have won the games. It is worth taking a look to see if you can find any of these. A search engine should be able to direct you to the right place. The more popular sites are more likely to have these, but if you look hard enough you may be able to find them for other sites as well. If you can find multiple people posting them, then this should help to put your mind at rest.

Genuine Bingo Site

Read Reviews

If you cannot find payment proof then reading reviews can be the next best thing. People tend to only write reviews if they feel really strongly about something. Therefore you will hear the best and worst things about the sites. This can be quite useful, but bear in mind that other people’s opinions may not reflect your own. Therefore you may also want to try a site out for yourself before making a final decision as to whether you will like it or not.

Ask for Personal Recommendations

It is a good idea to ask people you know whether they can recommend a site. They may have played a lot and may have even won on some sites and been paid. They will be able to tell you whether they think that it is worth playing on certain sites or not. They may be able to put your mind at rest with regards to whether a certain site is likely to pay out any money or not.

Talk to those in the Chat Rooms

It can also be wise to get chatting to payers in chat rooms on the sites that you want to play. They will be able to let you know whether they have won or not and if they got paid. It is unlikely that anyone who won and did not get paid would return to a site but many of them may have won and been paid. This should again, help to put your mind at rest.

Use a Trusted Brand

There are bingo sites which are run by well-known gaming companies as well as some which are well known in themselves, perhaps from having a chain of bingo halls as well. You may feel more confident playing on these sites. They have a reputation to uphold and so would not want bad publicity from not paying out their prizes.

Bingo time gives Us Something to Talk About

The beauty of playing bingo at any of the many casinos online is that you always have a game going. You don’t have to wait, you don’t have to hope that a room is open or that a bingo hall will be ready to take in tickets from the public. You don’t have to worry about traffic, or even where any food will be sold. You can just go to your computer and play. If you have a smartphone, then the entire world is essentially a bingo hall, and you can play anywhere that you have an internet connection. Some people prefer this approach because it makes it much easier to play all of your games and escape times where you can’t really do anything else. Waiting for your number to be called at an agency is tiring, but your ability to play bingo and win money tends to brighten virtually any situation.

play bingo game

Getting started is very easy. You can find new bingo sites on hityah.com and even sign up for many of those from your smartphone, as most of the popular casinos are optimized for small screens. If you’re not able to really mess with things on your phone very well, then you can still sign up at your laptop. Either way, you’re going to have access to a lot of entertainment if you really think about it. It’s better to make it easier to readily access things that you can go back to again and again than have to hunt for new ways to stop boredom in its tracks.

We really like speed bingo, which is a feature that you’ll find at a lot of different places. The reason why we like it is that it tends to thin the crowd and open up more chances to win. Not everyone likes when the numbers are called quickly, because they would rather use the auto-daub feature. It’s much more challenging to have a lot of cards and manage all of the number daubing on your own.

But this is where you could win a lot of money if you also have a progressive jackpot. This means that for every round where there is no winner, the jackpot gets a little bigger. There is a seed to get the jackpot going, but then the losses feed the pot. How will you win if you don’t at least play a few times?

There are so many sites out there that are excellent quality. With the no deposit requirement, you are free to explore and find one that meets your needs. If you’re going to play from a smartphone, it’s critical that you ensure that you will have mobile access even away from your home network. The last thing you want is to have a great win going and your connection cut out. Yikes! But as long as you keep these things in mind there’s no way that you can’t win.

Top reasons for playing Mobile Bingo Games

Mobile bingo games are growing in popularity over playing in bingo halls and on PCs. You may or may not have tried it before for yourself. You may even be wondering why people play mobile bingo games and therefore below are some explanations as to why people may prefer them. This may allow you to decide whether you think that playing mobile bingo is something that you would enjoy playing.


Having your bingo on your phone or tablet means that it is far more portable. As well as being able to play in around the house, you can also take it with you and play it when you are out and about, at other people’s house’s on public transport, at work, in cafes or many other places. This means that you are not tied to being behind your computer or at a bingo hall to still enjoy all of the fun of a bingo game. You can share the fun and play with others when you are with them so they can watch the games with you and enjoy any wins that you have.



It is much more convenient having a mobile app to play bingo on. You will be likely to always have your phone with you and switched on so you can just play whenever you wish and wherever you are. You will not have to wait for a computer to be switched on or to go to a bingo hall to play. It will be there with all of the other apps that you use so really easy to find and to play. You do not even have to get out of bed or move, if the phone is right with you so it is the most convenient way to play bingo that there is.


Playing bingo can be a great source of entertainment. If you have it on your portable device then you will be able to play it at any time, as it is likely that you will always have it with you. This means that you can be entertained whenever you need to be. It can be great fun to play a quick game of bingo when on the bus, in the supermarket queue, walking down the street, in your coffee break at work or whenever you wish. Bingo can also be one of the more relaxing games that you can play for cash prizes and you do not have to concentrate as hard, which means that it is easier to play anywhere.

Chance to Win

Many people choose to play bingo over other mobile games because they have a chance of winning. Prizes are usually cash and this means that you could buy yourself anything you wish with the prize money. It can make the games a lot more fun knowing that you can win something. Most phone apps do not have this opportunity and this is why a bingo one could really make a big difference. You can play and have a chance of winning great prizes just while you are passing the time.

How to save money when Playing Online Bingo

You may like the idea of playing online bingo but worry about the expense of it. However there are ways that you can play bingo games for free such as you can play no deposit bingo. If you want to pay to play but keep the costs down there are some ways that you can do this as well.

Set a Budget

If you are concerned about spending too much money when playing online bingo, then it is a good idea to set yourself a budget. Think about how much money you can afford to spend on bingo in a month. Think about how often you play and then split that amount per session. You then know how much you can spend each time that you play. On some sites you can even set a playing limit so it will not allow you to spend more money than your budget.

no deposit bingo

Find a Cheap Site

Another option to make your money go further is to find a cheap site to play on. This will take some research to find out how much the games cost on different sites and which ones you think will be more affordable for you. You will find that the prices do vary though between sites and so you should be able to find one that has a price that you feel will work well for you on the budget that you have. You will be able to play more games on a cheaper site than you would on a dearer one.

Play one Card at a Time

When you play bingo online you often have the option to purchase more than one bingo card per game. If you do this you will increase your odds of winning that game. However, if you buy just one card for a game, you will have more money left to buy cards in other games. You money will last a lot longer this way and you will probably have as much fun.

Play Slowly

If you have a really limited budget, then do not use it all up at once. Play a game and then have a break for a while before playing another. You could go to the chat room on the site for a while or do something else for a bit. Then you will still be able to play quite a few games but it will feel like you have been playing for longer than you actually have. You may even enjoy the games a lot more by doing it this way, rather than rushing through them.

Play a Mix of Free and Paid Games

You could play a mixture of free games and paid games. This way you will still be able to play lots of games of bingo but they will not cost you so much money. You may even find a website that offers both free and paid games so that you will not even have to switch sites.

Five Advantages of Playing Bingo Online

If you decide that you would like to check out online bingo sites then you may find that there are so many that you don’t know where to start. You may even wonder whether it is a good idea to give up altogether. However, there are many great advantages of playing online bingo compared to bingo in a bingo hall.

Can play at any time

With online bingo you are not restricted to the time that the bingo hall is open but you can play at any time. This means that whenever you are in the mood for playing a game you can do so. You will be able to just switch on your computer or mobile device, find the website and start playing right away. So quick and easy!

Playing Bingo Online

Can play any where

The great thing about online bingo is that you can play anywhere. This means that you can play at home, so you do not need to get dressed up and go out. If you are playing on a mobile device, you can also play when you are out of the home. This could be at work, someone else’s house, in public transport, in a café or many other places. Therefore you can just get out your phone or tablet and have a quick game whenever you wish. Some people live nowhere near a bingo hall and so would never otherwise have the opportunity to play.

Can play for free

Some online bingo sites allow you to play free games. This means that if you do not have any money to play or would rather not bet money you can still enjoy the fun of bingo. This is not something that you are able to do in a traditional bingo hall, you can watch other people play but not join in yourself for fun. This is a good option too for those who have never played online bingo and would like to know what it is like before they pay to play.

Can meet lots of different people

Many bingo sites have chat facilities. This means that between and during games you have the opportunity to talk to other people. This means that you can chat to other players and they may be from anywhere across the world. This can lead to you finding out interesting new things making new friends and having a fun social experience while you play. You can do this I a bingo hall but most people go in groups and so they may not end up chatting to other people very much.

Can play alone

You cannot be alone when playing in a bingo hall. There will be a lot of other people there all chatting and this may not be the type of atmosphere that you feel like being in. If you play online, then you can switch off any chat or choose a game without any and just have some quiet time while you relax and have fun.