How to win the Jackpot at Online Bingo

Many people decide to play bingo online at Play2winbingo or other online bingo sites because they really want to win the jackpot. However, winning the jackpot is not easy and you can play many games and find that you are not close to winning. However, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of winning. There is never a guarantee and you are still unlikely to win, but they will at least give you a better chance.

Find out how to win

This may sound rather silly, but it is important to find out exactly how to win the jackpot. Most games have a small jackpot and then there may be a larger jackpot for certain games that are played at certain times. It is worth taking a close look at the site and read the terms and conditions in order to find out. They may need you to play a certain amount of games, wager a certain amount of money or something like that in order to play the big jackpot game. As well as this you need to find out what you have to do in the jackpot game in order to win. You may need to get a certain combination of numbers or something like that, it is worth finding out.

bingo Jackpot

Play often

If you want to increase your chances of winning the jackpot, then you need to play the jackpot game more often. This means that you need to do your research and find out when your opportunities are to play and make sure that you take full advantage of those. You also should buy as many bingo cards for each game as you can in order to increase your odds of winning. Obviously you do need to make sure that you do not spend more money than you can afford doing this. You may want to just spend money on the high jackpot games, if you can, to maximise the chances of you winning it, rather than spending any on other lower jackpot games.


It may sound a bit rude, but you do need to concentrate when playing the games. Make sure that when you can make a claim that you do. It is possible that you may miss your opportunity to claim or someone may claim before you. The jackpot may be shared but it may be that the first one to claim gets it and so you need to make sure that you are alert and ready to make that claim. Even if you do not need to be that quick, there is likely to still be a time limit on claiming so you want to make sure that you are aware. It may be worth looking up the procedure for claiming before you play so that you know exactly what to do.


If the games have a rolling jackpot, then you might want to wait until it builds up before you start to play. You will then have a bigger prize pot to potentially win. Of course, there is always a risk that it might be won before you play though.

How to choose a good Mobile Bingo Site

If you like the idea of playing mobile bingo but have never looked into it more detail before then now is your chance. If you start to look you will see that there are many sites and apps to choose from and it can be rather confusing knowing which one will be the best site for you. It is unlikely that you will just play mobile bingo at Bingohotpot or any other site without looking around first. However, it is possible to use a few methods to whittle it down a bit to make the choice easier.


You may want to start by reading a few reviews. There are many reviews of bingo sites, but reading some of them will give you an idea of which ones people like the best. If you read some detailed information about them you will also be able to find out what to expect from the site. You will start to understand how sites differ and can think about what you might like form a site, which will make choosing easier.

Mobile Bingo Site


You may have a specific budget in mind for playing bingo, you may want to spend nothing, very little, a certain amount each month or have no limit to how much you want to spend. You will find sites differ a lot in how much they charge per game and so this could be a big factor for you in deciding. You may not want to play free sites as you may prefer the thrill of gambling money. You may need to keep it low cost so you can get a lot of games for you money or you may rather pay more with a higher chance of a bigger jackpot prize. It is well worth thinking about.


You may feel that a particular theme for the site will be fun. However, you may not want a theme at all. Sites differ a lot and it is worth taking a look at a few different ones so that you can compare the themes and see what you like and dislike about them.


For some people the chatroom is the heart of a bingo game. Having lots of interesting people to socialise with while you play can make a big difference to the enjoyment of the game for some people. It is important to consider what a difference it may make for you and whether you think that having a good chat facility will have a big influence on your enjoyment of the game.


Obviously playing bingo is all about the fun. You need to play o the site that will give you the most fun. You may be able to tell by looking and reading about sites as to which you will find more fun. You may need to play a few different ones in order to compare them. Hopefully your research above will help you to identify a few sites that might be fun for you and you can try them out and see. You may even be able to play a free trial so that you can try them out without having to pay out any money.

All you need to know to start playing bingo today

Bingo is a game of chance where randomly-selected numbers are drawn and players match those numbers to those appearing on 5×5 squares which are printed or electronically represented and are known as “cards.”

Bingo Rules

The aim of online bingo is to complete the pattern on your bingo card. Different bingo sites have different patterns, varying in difficulty, but the objective each time is the same – to fill the numbers within the pattern. Other games are “coverall” where you need to get every number on your bingo card.

Bingo cards are selected by random for you and depending on the site there is a maximum number of bingo cards you can play with at any one time.

Your bingo card is displayed on screen. Some sites have auto fill so you don’t have to worry too much about concentrating, however, watch out for the sites that don’t, you don’t want to miss out. Numbers tend to be called on average about every 10 seconds, which gives enough time if you are paying attention!!

The bingo game ends when someone gets bingo. The cash prize is split among the winner/s.

New bingo games begin straight away.

Getting Started

So you know the language, you know the rules… What next?

Choose a online bingo site to register on; browse through the offers to see which one has the best sign up bonuses, or which offers free games and free cash without risking real money while you learn the ropes.

This is helpful as you are able to decide what sort of pattern and game you like best without buying first, or even better you get to play a couple of free bingo games on them with no commitment. You must also consider what country you will be playing in, and where people of your nationality play.

Register on the bingo site, this takes a couple of minutes. Sometimes you will have to download the software, but this doesn’t take long and you only have to do it once.

Have a good look around the site and gather information about online bingo games, bingo chat facilities, tournaments and jackpots is readily available. All bingo sites worth their salt have chat facilities.

Deposit your funds. Most sites take all major credit and debit cards, Neteller and UKash. Check first to see if your payment method is compatible. Once your deposit has been made you are ready to play bingo!!

Best of Luck!

Lucky Ladies Bingo Adds Microgaming Games

Since its launch, players have been flocking to Lucky Ladies Bingo for its excellent online bingo features, enjoying a fantastic community feel, big rewards and multiple bingo options. Now, there’s an even better reason to join in the fun at, with the announcement that the site has added lots of new titles to its casino lobby. The good news is that these aren’t just any games – they have been provided by the leading Isle of Man based software giant, Microgaming – putting a stamp of superiority on the Lucky Ladies Bingo platform.

You’ve possibly seen Microgaming casino games at your favorite online casino, and now you can play games such as Avalon II slot, Break da Bank Again slot and Gold Factory slot, as well as play top notch online bingo while under one virtual roof.  There’s no need to switch from one platform to another now – all you need to do is sign in to your Lucky Ladies Bingo account and you’ll have access to all these games… and more.

Lucky Ladies Bingo

Don’t take our word for it though! You are cordially encouraged to open an account at and take advantage of the £10 free bonus, with absolutely no deposit required.   Once you’re convinced about the fantastic gaming experience there is to be had at this site, you will be able to claim a 500% bonus on your first deposit, followed by a 350% bonus on your second and 300% bonus on your third.

You will find multiple variants of bingo, including 30 ball, 50 ball, 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo, available around the clock and 7 days a week. Play in online bingo tournaments and complement your bingo sessions with casino action on Microgaming supplied games – now found at Lucky Ladies Bingo.

Keep Free Bingo No Deposit Games At the Top of Your List

One of the best things about online gambling is that you have plenty of options to keep yourself entertained. The Internet has ushered in a world where you don’t have to leave home or give up on a cool comfortable home just to pass the time in a fun manner. Let’s face it; life isn’t getting any less stressful. Between traffic, crowds, and the rising cost of entertainment in general, sometimes it’s nice to just stay home. Of course, with more choices comes a time where you have to make a decision: just what should you play, and why should you lay it?

Here’s an option that lets you test the waters without losing anything: free bingo no deposit. Just like the name implies, you can check out the bingo games without having to put any money of your own on the line. This is great because it lets you see just what the bingo parlor has to offer. After all, you wouldn’t be able to play bingo for free outside your home, right? If you went to a bingo hall in your area, you would have to pay something in order to play.

Free Bingo No Deposit Games

If you’re interested in bingo, you need to check in for free no deposit bingo games to have fun right away. Once you tap into the world of online bingo for free, you can evaluate whether or not you’d like to invest additional funds into the project.

This is where things get really interesting, because you can win big prizes whether you’re a free member or if you’re depositing money. Free members still get entered into the site-wide contests and giveaways. You can even get a little free money to play with, which can help you stretch out your free time even more.

The interactive demo is a smart move on the part of the bingo portal, because they want to make sure that they are earning your trust. What better way than to let you play the games for free? There is still advertising on the site, which means that they do make some revenue even from free players. Either way, it’s high time you checked into the world of free bingo while it’s on your mind. You won’t be able to meet any new friends or win any prizes if you don’t check it out for yourself!

How to Play Free Bingo And Win Cash

There are many ways to try your luck in online gaming and learning how to play bingo games for a chance to win some money can be one of them. First of all, there are a number of offers and incentives that you can take advantage of when you decide on giving bingo a try. Whether you are looking at playing bingo online or offline, the game proves to be as exciting as it can be.

Beginner’s Luck – Just like the many other spheres where people would try out their luck, bingo offers to be a great way to go for it as well. For example, trying your beginner’s luck when you decide to play bingo online will give you a number of great benefits. Even though the incentives that you are offered when looking to register with a site for this game are to attract more players, you can benefit from them too.

For example, consider some of the great offers that are there for the new players of this game, like the deposit bonuses and the free real cash offers. These incentives will undoubtedly increase your chances in winning some cash if you can utilize them. Therefore, the most important tip while trying out your luck at bingo is to consider what the incentives that you are likely to see are and how they work for you.

Play Free Bingo

The Deposit Bonus Offers – Looking at the deposit bonus incentives that the new players are often offered to on most of the popular bingo sites, they can be a great way to add more money to your account than what you actually put in. Simply put, when you register as a new player on a bingo site and make your first deposit, you may be offered a percentage on your deposit as a bonus.

If the bonus percentage is 200%, you will get to see £300 in your account when you put in £100. This is a great way to start with your game of bingo and try your beginner’s luck. Make sure to be on the lookout for the deposit bonus offers when you decide to play online bingo.

The “no deposit” Offers – On the other hand, you may also be offered the real cash incentives with a new bingo account registration. In other words, as a new player, the site you are looking to play with may actually add some deposit in the account you have opened up even though you may not have invested any money yourself. You can get started with £15 no deposit required at today for example!

It is all about trying your luck when you decide to play bingo games, and the free incentives and bonuses can be the first factor to influence your luck at this highly interesting game!

One Big Reason Bingo Sites Crush the Competition

If you decide to look into online casinos, online gambling, and just entertainment from home in general, you’ll realize one thing: there are plenty of options to choose form. You are certainly not limited to just playing bingo. You could go off and check out poker, slots, blackjack, keno, baccarat and plenty more. However, there is one big reason bingo sites crush the competition time and time again: they are extremely easy to use, and they don’t require any special strategic knowledge to conquer.

The thrill of winning at bingo when you don’t have to be super strategic is amazing. Imagine getting home from work and playing a few games. You didn’t have to qualify or think about any killer strategy in order to win a little bit of money on the side when you decided you wanted to play bingo, and it was waiting for you, completely on your terms. You can start and stop play on your schedule, never missing a show or another appointment. Regardless of when you log on, you’ll find plenty of people to chat with.

Bingo Sites

The ease of play allows bingo sites to continue to rise, but you still need to find the best one to get started with. We recommend because it’s extremely easy to set-up and play as long as you want. It’s no secret that the world is getting more and more complicated. Why shouldn’t you focus on things that are going to be straightforward, light, and easy going? Chances are good that you already have enough things to worry about!

Let’s go back to bingo’s ease of access. Imagine being able to win a little money on the side any time that you want to play. There’s never going to be a limit on how much you can play. It works for anyone’s schedule, and as long as you’re legally allowed to play you can. Free bingo is the gateway to plenty of entertainment options, new friends, and most importantly…chances to win play!

This is something that you have to experience for yourself, so make sure that you check it out as soon as possible. Start today!

Mobile Bingo – Taking Your Games on the Go

Online bingo has been gaining more popularity over the last few years, with plenty of sites to choose from. However, we no longer need to be attached to our PCs to play online bingo, as anyone with a tablet or smartphone now has the option to play mobile bingo!

Unfortunately, not every single bingo site is accessible via your mobile device, but great changes in technology mean that most of them are. Even if it means a streamlined version of what you’d find on your PC, it’s fairly easy to play bingo on the go.

Mobile Bingo

There are two main ways to access bingo from your portable device – either through the browser on your device or by downloading an app from the App Store or Google Play. You might not find as many sites offering the latter, though some top brands do have their own dedicated app. It’s much more common to simply access bingo on the go by typing the website address into the browser on your smartphone or tablet like you would on your PC.

It really is that simple to play bingo on your mobile device, and there are many advantages of playing this way. You only have to look at a site like Mummies Bingo to see the benefits of playing mobile. The pretty blue site is condensed into an easy scroll site, with everything at your fingertips and easily accessed by the menu button. There’s no compromise on quality, meaning you can essentially carry around all your favourite games in your pocket.

This is great because it means you can enjoy bingo, slots and scratch cards when you’re on your morning commute, in the dentist’s waiting room or anywhere you please really! This has a knock on effect of meaning that you’ll never have to miss a big jackpot game or a great promotion as bingo will always be within your reach! If you have a smartphone or tablet, there’s no good reason not to give mobile bingo a go!

Bingo Bonanza: The Most Popular Online Bingo Games

Since the game of bingo hopped from the bingo hall into the online world, the game’s fans have been truly spoilt for choice when it comes to bingo fare. A far cry from the traditional 90-ball game played in church halls and at village fetes up and down the country for generations, today’s bingo offerings have utilised the freshest online technologies to bring fans faster, brighter and more exciting variants than ever before.

Since we published this first article the online game has grown considerably in strength and numbers. Bingo continues to grow in popularity and 2017 looks to be the biggest yet for the industry. More games are continuing to be developed by the owners of the games and bigger brands entering the industry for the first time. New bingo sites are continuing to be developed all of the time, which can make it difficult for players to stay up to speed. For a list of recommended new bingo sites click here. As you can see, lots of new games have been developed already this year.

With so many sites competing for bingo lovers’ attentions, new games come out thick and fast. From speedy 75-ball games that allow fans to get their bingo fix at any time, no matter how busy a day they’ve had, to games based on hit TV shows and celebrities. Whatever kind of game playing fun you’re looking for online, bingo is sure to hit the spot!

We’ve taken a look at the current cream of the crop – the games that attract the biggest number of players online in the UK. It’s not hard to see why they’ve made the grade – whether it’s great graphics, huge jackpots or telly tie-ins, these are the big hitters you might want to give a spin the next time you’re looking for a bit of bingo action.

Coronation Street Bingo

Corrie Bingo

One of the best-known bingo brands in the country, Gala Bingo, dishes out over £28 million in prizes every week. One of the biggest attractions for fans using this site is that Gala has teamed up with so many top telly shows to bring unique, fun TV-based games to the web. You’ll find bingo versions of Britain’s Got Talent, the newly released Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on this site. But the big hitter here is a Gala exclusive – the Coronation Street Bingo Room.

Available to play 8am – midnight every day, this 90-ball bingo room features great Corrie-themed games like the Golden Cobbles progressive, The Kabin, The Rovers Return, Corrie Bingo and Streetcars BOGOF. Numbers are called by Reg Holdsworth (Ken Morley and Fred Elliot (John Savident) also pops in from time to time as well. Plus, there are over 100 archived video clips to explore too!

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Deal or No Deal Bingo

One of the biggest gameshows of all time is now one of the most successful bingo games of all time. A major attraction at all of the major sites, like Mecca, Deal or No Deal Bingo allows you to play along with Noel and the banker in a game that combines bingo fun with that classic Deal or No Deal conundrum. You have the chance to play for an amazing £10,000 network jackpot 24/7, with 4 fantastic prizes up for grabs; 1 line, 2 lines, full house and the Deal or No Deal Feature prize.

In this game, every ball called has an associated box, which is then eliminated from the prize board. Once there’s a full house winner, the banker calls to make an offer for the remaining player’s box. All other players in the room then get to vote on what they would do and the winner will see the results. It’s then up to the lucky winner to decide whether or not they’ll make that deal…

Bejeweled Bingo

Bejeweled Online Bingo

One of the hottest bingo hits over at Jackpotjoy, this is a game that’s become hugely successful through sheer innovation. This time a TV show isn’t the basis, it’s one of the most downloaded games in history – Bejeweled. This 90-ball game allows you to get your bingo fix, then switches you to the final Bejeweled round where you get to test your gaming abilities. You’ve got to blast those matching gems to win your way to bigger and better prizes, like free games and extra bonus cash.


Scratch Cards and Bingo

It used to be that you would have to venture out to your local shop on the High streets in order to snag a few scratch cards. In the same way you would pop into social clubs for a game of Bingo. Nevertheless, with the advent of the internet, online scratch card and bingo games are now available at your fingertips no matter what the time of the day or the season of the year.

Furthermore, old style scratch cards are boring affairs of yesterday years which yield only a few seconds of excitement. On the contrary, the ones online contain engaging graphics and animations. When playing scratch cards online, there is no fumbling for a coin in your pocket to see if you’ve won something, the revelation is just a click of a mouse button away.

Several scratch cards nowadays, will mirror the play of some most popular video game consoles. Scratch cards online will provide you with interactive graphic with stunning music and attractive sounds which all in all offer a more vibrant and exciting gaming experience. The same applies to bingo games online. With attractive sites to play and lively fun chat rooms, playing bingo online has never been more exciting. Unlike bingo games and scratch cards played traditionally, the games online have a whole plethora of add-on on offer for you.

There is a lot to look forward to when you play online.  If you are new to the games and are a bit unsure about playing the games online, you can also play Bingo and Scratch Cards online for free. This way you don’t risk losing anything, a good feel of the game that suits you and also stand a chance to win for free.