Bingo is a game of chance where randomly-selected numbers are drawn and players match those numbers to those appearing on 5×5 squares which are printed or electronically represented and are known as “cards.”

Bingo Rules

The aim of online bingo is to complete the pattern on your bingo card. Different bingo sites have different patterns, varying in difficulty, but the objective each time is the same – to fill the numbers within the pattern. Other games are “coverall” where you need to get every number on your bingo card.

Bingo cards are selected by random for you and depending on the site there is a maximum number of bingo cards you can play with at any one time.

Your bingo card is displayed on screen. Some sites have auto fill so you don’t have to worry too much about concentrating, however, watch out for the sites that don’t, you don’t want to miss out. Numbers tend to be called on average about every 10 seconds, which gives enough time if you are paying attention!!

The bingo game ends when someone gets bingo. The cash prize is split among the winner/s.

New bingo games begin straight away.

Getting Started

So you know the language, you know the rules… What next?

Choose a online bingo site to register on; browse through the offers to see which one has the best sign up bonuses, or which offers free games and free cash without risking real money while you learn the ropes.

This is helpful as you are able to decide what sort of pattern and game you like best without buying first, or even better you get to play a couple of free bingo games on them with no commitment. You must also consider what country you will be playing in, and where people of your nationality play.

Register on the bingo site, this takes a couple of minutes. Sometimes you will have to download the software, but this doesn’t take long and you only have to do it once.

Have a good look around the site and gather information about online bingo games, bingo chat facilities, tournaments and jackpots is readily available. All bingo sites worth their salt have chat facilities.

Deposit your funds. Most sites take all major credit and debit cards, Neteller and UKash. Check first to see if your payment method is compatible. Once your deposit has been made you are ready to play bingo!!

Best of Luck!

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