Bingo World Records

As the internet continues to expand the game of bingo all around the globe, more players are taking to online bingo halls than ever before. While the internet has helped transform bingo into a very modern game, it’s far from a recent pastime, dating all the way back to 16th Century Italy.

Bingo’s simple gameplay (like at, the promise of cash prizes, and the game’s fun, social aspect has seen the game go through huge surges in popularity over the years, setting some impressive world records along the way. These world records have been set far and wide, all over the world, testament to the game’s unique ability to translate not just across geographical and cultural boundaries, but across technological boundaries too.

The Fastest Full House Ever

Britain is one of the biggest bingo-ing nations in the world, with over 3.5 million regular players, so it’s only fitting that the UK should be home to at least one of the world records set by its favourite pastime. 24-year old Darryl Howe from Gloucestershire managed to scoop a staggering full house in January 2010 in an online game – his first ever game of bingo!

Just 40 minutes after opening his account he landed a full house, and the €18,000 jackpot, on a 90-ball bingo game. His fellow players were stunned by the speed of his win, where his 15-number full house came after just 23 calls. The odds of scoring a full house within 23 calls in a 90-ball game is an amazing 96 billion to one! Continue reading “Bingo World Records”

Foxy Casino Struts into Town according to

The ginger gaming giant Foxy seems not content with ruling the bingo world, having launched the brand new Foxy Casino site in 2015. It’s been a few years since the suave and suited fox launched onto our screens driving Britain bingo mad, and now he’s set to do the same for the casino world.

Although players at Foxy Bingo can already enjoy a decent selection of slot and casino games in the lobby, Foxy Casino has been given permission to stand in its own right, and is focused solely on casino games and slots, without the bingo getting in the way. This means they can provide a far more impressive range of games, alongside a host of live casino games if that’s the sort of thing that takes your fancy.


casino games is much more than a sister site to the bingo brand, and leading UK affiliate site has investigated this, reporting a full review of the new site. Mad About Bingo has written a unique review of this new casino offering, taking into account all of the different features that make this brand a great new title for slot game lovers to investigate. Continue reading “Foxy Casino Struts into Town according to”

Finally – Maria Bingo Is Now

Following good casinos is what we do. You might have played at Maria Bingo, and had a good time. Yet casinos are prone to change, and that’s a good thing. Change in the world of online casinos means that there’s something newer, better, and brighter around the corner. This is a good thing for the players, because it means that they have more to do. There’s nothing like fighting boredom when you can really feel like it’s leading to somewhere amazing. There’s no point in thinking that you’re out of luck in terms of the pursuit of fine entertainment that keeps you busy.

We’re happy to announce that Maria bingo is now This means that you have plenty of new games to check out. They have expanded their scope beyond just bingo. Of course, we’re not going to say that bingo is a bad game. And we’re certainly not going to say that bingo is just for old people. This is actually one of the biggest myths in the gambling world. You might see that a large amount of seniors play bingo games, but that doesn’t mean that they’re locked out to other people. All ages (as long as you’re legal to gamble) are welcome with bingo.

Yet has so much more to offer you. There’s a live casino available. That’s right, we’re serious — a live casino. That has a lot of benefits for someone that really wants to interact with the dealers and have an even better time. It’s all about interaction, when you really think about it. Far too few of us are really getting the stimulation that we need and crave from other people. No, get your head out of the gutter — we mean that it’s nice to reach out and hear from someone else. We spend so much of life shuffling from one place to another that we don’t really think about our need for excitement and entertainment.

The gambling world represents something new and worthwhile, and that’s always a good thing. Make sure that you at least check out once or twice. You need to always look for new casinos that are going to be able to give you something different. No two casinos are exactly the same, because every casino attracts a different crowd of people. If you’ve been dying for new friends, now is the time to get them. After all, you already know that you’ll have something in common that everyone can agree on, right? The thrill of playing at an online casino!

Enjoy This Great Bingo Site and Thank Us Later When You Win Something

If you’re thinking about getting out of scratch cards but you want to still go with something that’s easy to win, you really can’t go wrong with bingo. It’s something that everyone can play, even though you probably still think of little old ladies down at the bingo hall. Let’s face it, bingo has definitely changed over the years, which means that there’s a lot more to expect than you might expect. You just have to make sure that you’re really willing to check out everything that bingo has to offer. If you’re just going to sit back and be upset about the fact that you’re playing a game that old people play…you might want to rethink your view of the gambling field at large.

So, let’s get back to the fun part here — bingo. Yes, bingo is fun. Yes, bingo will still let you win real money. If you want to have a good time, you need to know that the best free bingo games are at Tasty.

Tasty? That’s right — TastyBingo, of course. You can enjoy this great bingo site and thank us later when you actually win something. Sure, you might already be a poker fan and winning a little bit of money from that. But let us ask you this: how much are those wins costing you? How long as you having to stay online just to win a little bit of money that you have to wait forever to extract from your online account? Why not switch to bingo, something that can actually help you win big without feeling like you have to study for a decade before you know anything concrete.

Going through bingo rooms to find what you’re looking for is pretty straightforward as well. You can just check out the variation of bingo that you want. Keep in mind that some rooms might encourage you to actually do something other than the basic bingo patterns. They might want you to use the stamp pattern to actually bingo. It’s going to be completely up to you to figure out which room you want to play in, but keep your eyes open to these facts.

Great bingo is out there waiting for you — will you accept the challenge? Check it out today!