It’s official: summer is on its way out, and that leaves us looking squarely at fall. This means that instead of going out into the elements, where it’s starting to get a little chilly, why not stay home and explore your online gambling options? Playing slot games helps you really focus on some interesting jackpots. How will you know how much you can win until you play?

We do a round-robin tour of many casinos, but we’ve decided to highlight one casino today:, otherwise known as NetBet. If you’re looking for new places to play slot games, NetBet has some goodies for you to check out. We’ll cover them later on in this article.

1. Jackpot Rango

Jackpot Rango slots

Jackpot Rango is designed to bring you great profits…if you’re willing to play the game, of course. Jackpot Rango has cranked up the prizes and brought more chances to win. There’s 25 paylines to this slot, but you can make the coins worth anything you want. Watch out for the snake symbol, since that’s the wild card in this game. There’s also a scatter symbol in the form of a sheriff’s badge. It can give you free spins, and multipliers as well. Definitely worth checking out, the prize potential alone is calling us to this slot game.

2. Shadow of the Panther

Shadow of the Panther slots

If you want a slot that’s a little more interactive, then you have to check this one out: Shadow of the Panther. The entire slot is laid out like a big quest: if you do certain actions, then you’ll be able to uncover prizes and coins. Each win may be worth a lot more than the next.

There are great free bonus rounds built into the game, along with stacked and rolling wilds. This can help you match up symbols for bigger wins than what you would have normally.

3. Platoon

Platoon slots

If you’re a fan of military slots of any theme, you’ll like Platoon. The slot is obviously based off the movie covering the Vietnam War, but there’s a lot of interesting visuals to be found here. This slot game follows the 100 Ways to Win format, which means that playing this slot brings more money with each win than traditional slots. You also have a crazy bonus game attached that you just have to see in order to really see how amazing it is.

Overall, new slot games definitely give you plenty of time for winning money on the side. Why wouldn’t you play something that had even the slightest chance of giving you extra spending money? Check out NetBet’s full line of slot games and expand your horizons today!

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