How to check if You will easily become Addicted to Gambling

There are some people that seem to get addicted to gambling and seem like they cannot stop playing. They get a thrill out of playing and they feel unhappy when they are not playing. Obviously this can be a problem because it can lead to a lot of money being spent on games. When this money is more than the persona can afford to spend then they can end up getting into debt problems and it can lead to a very bad situation for them. Some people worry that this could happen to them if they start to gamble. Obviously it is a genuine concern and it is good to give it some consideration before you start.

Addicted to Gambling

Some people feel that there is such thing as an addictive personality and they feel that there are enough addicts in their family that they could be at risk as well. There may be something in this and so it could be worth thinking about. If you have any other addictions such as to smoking or drinking or have done in the past, then it could be fair to say that you may have an addictive personality and there may be a chance that you could become addicted to gambling. If you have a concern then it could be better to avoid online casinos completely or just play the free to play games where you cannot spend any money. Continue reading “How to check if You will easily become Addicted to Gambling”

Review of

For two years in a row, Australia comes second on the list of countries by smartphone penetration. There is another list on which Australians are ranked higher than most other people – casino gaming. Put two and two together and you’ll see why mobile casino gaming is huge in Australia.

Mobile Casino
Mobile Casino

Due to the fact that there are so many mobile casinos, players are often unsure which mobile casino to choose. Luckily, if you to visit, you will find useful information on the most popular Australian mobile casinos. The site ranks mobile casinos and provides ratings for each of them. Ranks the Best Casinos in Australia

On the main page you will find 16 Australian mobile casinos and their ratings. You will also find some general information on mobile casino gaming. The good thing is that everything is written in plain English and you don’t have to be a tech expert in order to understand.

For example, the HTML5 vs. Native Apps is a long and ongoing debate in the tech world, but it may sound too complicated. explains all the aspects of this debate which are relevant to mobile casino gaming in a way that everyone could understand.

But, provides more than just ratings. If you click on the name of each of the listed casinos, it will lead you to a review page where you will find all the information on the casino in question.

Objective Information on Every Listed Casino

On the dedicated page you can read about the games that are offered by that casino, the different bonuses and promotions, as well as the software. Furthermore, you will find detailed information on which mobile devices are supported. That way, you will know right away if you can access that mobile casino from your smartphone/tablet or not. That saves a lot of time. is objective and unbiased and it provides a list of likes and dislikes for every casino. If you’re looking for, say, a casino that has a great interface, then you will be able to find out whether a casino fits that description or not.

Bonus Information

Not only does provide detailed descriptions of every listed casino, but you can also see the casinos ranked in terms of different categories, like bonuses or games. If you click on the ‘Bonuses’ tab, you will be taken to a page which provides information on the bonuses offered by each casino.

The type of bonus is given in the first column. For casinos that offer more than one bonus, all types of bonuses will be listed. A casino may offer both Match bonus and Deposit bonus. In the second column, you can see the value of each bonus offer. Some casinos offer unlimited bonuses. And last but not least, the wagering requirements for each bonus are presented in the third column.

On this page you will also find detailed information on how to claim bonuses via your mobile device, what types of bonuses are there and other useful things. It is a very practical guide, as it provides everything you need to know and yet, it is not too long or too technical. Continue reading “Review of”

Why We Love Casino Apps

There has been a significant rise in the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices in the past several years. These devices are so important to us that it is no longer possible to imagine our lives without them. In fact, the mobile phone is the most commonly used electronic device by people all over the world.

Increased Mobile Phone Use

Even as early as 2014 people in the US used mobile phones to access the internet more often than they used their PCs. The number of mobile apps available on the App Store and Google Play, as well as other sources, has been growing steadily. Moreover, people tend to use more apps and use them more frequently than before. Many things that were reserved for PCs, are now available on mobile phones.

It’s a Growing Trend

The internet has become one of the main sources of entertainment for a lot of people. A lot of people that used to visit land-based casinos are now playing casino games online. Later, it became possible to play casino games on a mobile device and the number of people who are doing that has been growing continuously. The reasons are numerous, but the trend can be summed in a few words – people love casino apps.

Mobile gaming
Mobile gaming

Renowned Operators Offer Mobile Gaming

Online casino operators are well aware of this fact and it is hard to find a reputable and well-known casino operator that doesn’t offer a mobile app in addition to the desktop version. At times, it can be quite tricky for players to choose the most appropriate mobile casino app. That is where might help, as this website lists the ratings and features of the most popular casino apps.

Powerful Mobile Devices

One of the factors that contributes to the popularity of casino apps is the fact that smartphones and tablets of every generation are more powerful than their predecessors. This makes the games run faster and smoother. There are also significant improvements in terms of graphics as modern phones and tablets are able to present clearer images and more vivid animations.

High-Quality Games

Casino games have been improved too and newer games are a lot more entertaining and enticing than older ones. When the game is playable and its quality is high, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re playing on a large screen or a smaller one. Casino software developers pay a lot more attention to the mobile versions of their games and make sure that the games are well-optimised.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Nowadays, as soon as you download a mobile app and log on to it, you can do everything that you could do if you were playing the desktop casino version. Most casino operators offer all games, or at least the most popular ones, on their mobile apps. Moreover, it is also possible to make deposits and withdrawals on your mobile device.


And if all of the above isn’t enough, some online casinos offer special bonuses and promotions to players who download and play their casino apps. In addition to these bonuses, regular bonuses and promotions are also available to players who play on their smartphones and tablets. For example, if a casino offers a special free spins bonus every Wednesday, players who play the designated games on their mobile device will also be eligible.

Casino App Selection Criteria

You should use the same criteria when you’re judging a casino app as the ones you would use when you’re rating any online casino. The things which you should definitely consider include:

Number and quality of games;
User-friendliness and ease of use;
Payment options;
Bonuses and promotions;
Customer support.

This list isn’t exhaustive, as there are other factors that could be very important. For example, it is essential that the app is available in your country. Furthermore, most players would prefer if they are able to play in the currency which is used in their country.

Always check the above mentioned parameters, as well as other things that might be important to you, before you download an app and start playing, particularly if you plan on playing for real money. Bear in mind that most apps would allow you to play for fun and test the games before you make a deposit and start wagering.

Best places for Gambling in South Africa, Online and Off

Playing casino games is one of the most popular pastimes of South Africans, ever since casinos in the country have been legalised. The number of people who play casino games and the volume of gaming has increased even further since online casino gaming was introduced. Nowadays, there are multiple locations, including websites and land-based casinos in the country where it is possible to play casino games.

South Africans Can Play both On- and Offline

Some players prefer playing online, whereas others would much rather visit a brick-and-mortar casino. It is a matter of personal preference. Some people play both on- and offline. And you don’t have to limit yourself to only one land-based or online casino. There are indeed a lot of options and players often can’t decide which one is the best for them. For such players, this site is entertaining and very helpful and provides reviews and advice.

Land-based Casinos

There is a long-standing rivalry between Cape Town and Johannesburg, as the two are the largest and most important cities in the country. Cape Town hosts three casino facilities, which are amongst the largest in the country and all of Africa. Cape is often seen as the gambling capital. But, Johannesburg and Durban aren’t far behind. Both of these cities host popular casino resorts.

GrandWest Casino

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World is the largest casino resort in South Africa and it is owned and operated by Sun International, one of the largest hotel and casino chains in South Africa. The corporation also runs casinos, hotels and entertainment centres in Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and even Chile.


GrandWest offers a wide range of tables suitable for casual players, as well as professionals. The list of games which can be played at this resort includes Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and several other games. With more than 75 gaming tables and over 2,500 slot machines, GrandWest is definitely the top choice for Cape Town players, both residents and tourists. Continue reading “Best places for Gambling in South Africa, Online and Off”

6 Features we Love in a Great Slot Game

Fast action, fast graphics, and fast sounds — those are the overall reasons why we find ourselves hopefully in love with slot games. But if you’ve been pouring over slot reviews, it goes without saying that you want to know a little more. We have been checking out slots reviews, making sure that we know where to play the best games. When it comes to making a little money on the side, who doesn’t want to know more details? It’s not like people are rapidly turning down extra money. We’ve included some features we love seeing in slot play, and we figured you might like these features as well.

1. 243 Ways (Or More!) To Win!

243 Ways slot

The 243 Ways to win format is so awesome because you don’t have to keep track of paylines. All you have to do is spin and hope that you get the right combination of symbols. Some of the 243 Ways to Win games have huge jackpots in excess of 30,000 coins or more! There are even some slots that have up to 90,000 coin jackpots. It’s hard to trigger that final level of prize but it has been done before!

2. Adjustable Coins

slots Coins

Is this a feature on every slot? Sure, but the fine level of control over our bets is a staple that we look to time and time again. If you can’t control how much money is flowing out of your bankroll, you won’t be able to play slots for real money very long.

3. Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds

When stacked wilds come into play, the game gets even more interesting. This is a feature where wilds end up floating to cover the entire reel, boosting your payout considerably.

4. Free Spins


Just saying “free spins” is obviously a given, so what do we mean? Well, we want to make sure that we can trigger the free spins feature over and over again. When you’re playing for real money, this means that you are basically getting to win prizes without having to put down any more coins to get them.

5. Bonus Games

Bonus Games

Some bonus games are pretty straightforward, while other bonus games have levels that you have to work through in order to get to the top prizes. Those are pretty cool, but just the presence of any bonus game is pretty important to us.

6. Scatter / Multiplier

Scatter Slots

Amplifying your wins is a satisfying finish to a great session of slots. Make sure that you’re looking for games that include a good scatter feature. The more scatter symbols, the higher your overall multiplier usually ends up. Look for superhero-themed slot games especially, because they really like to heap on the multiplier effect. You know, to make your winnings…super. 🙂

We are pretty big into slots, but we still have room for other games. But while we’re on the subject of slots, you tell us: what features do you look for in a good slot game? What features do you wish you could remove to improve the gameplay? Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments and let us know!

Gambling on the Australian Slots

You may think that gambling is the same all over the world, but there are actually subtle differences in the way that it can work from country to country. Obviously some countries have a complete ban on gambling and some have different laws across the country. However, even in countries that do not have a ban, there are differences in the way that things work and the laws and regulations. This Aussie casinos & gambling guide will help you to get a grip of what the rules are there and you will be able to see whether it differs from what you are used to.

Australian Slots

The games will also differ a bit to cater for the specific market in that country. You may find that there will be different themes to the game, different games and possibly even different rules or versions of a particular game. This can mean that you can have some fun having a look and seeing what the differences are. As with any other country, there will also be a difference between a real casino and an online one. If you are not visiting the country you may still be able to experience a bit of what it is like to gamble in that country by visiting an online site. You could, perhaps try out this one in New Zealand – This is a free site so you will even be able to have a look without risking any money.

This can be fun as it can be quite interesting seeing how different cultures approach these games. You may also find that there is a chatroom and you will be able to talk to those that are playing who are most likely to be based in the country that the game is based. You can therefore learn about people living in this country, finding out more about just how they speak, what games they like to play and even more personal details about their lives. It can certainly make your playing experience more fun.

You may find that the themes of the games are quite different and that you will find slots games on these sorts of sites that you will find much more fun than what you normally play. These could be on your computer or mobile device and you could also find that they have better jackpots or a higher chance of winning. It is well worth checking them out, particularly if you can play free games to see whether you like them. You may decide that you want to switch completely to playing on these sites so that you can enjoy the extras that they have to offer. However, unless you try you will not know what the differences are or whether they will be more fun for you to play than the sites that you normally do. Also, if you like one site, then you may want to try others that are hosted in that country as you may find that you like those as well. Or try lots of different games on the one site.

The most popular gambling movies

Gambling themed movies are some of the highest grossing films in the movie industry! This is maybe due to the gambling thrills that are conveyed in the films. Take time to read through this article as I go through some of the most popular gambling movies ever made.

Let me start by making mention of the classics. I will break down that list into two groups, pre-90’s classics and 90’s classics.

Pre-90’s classics include movies like The Sting, a revenge based movie involving a horse betting con. The story also has several scenes in which characters play roulette and blackjack. The Cincinnati Kid, The gambler, Rain Man, The Hustler and its sequel The Colour of Money are other great titles from that period. Some casino games at Crazy Vegas online casino also feature some popular movies such as Hitman Agent47 and Bridesmaids.

gambling movies

Great gambling movie titles of the 90’s include Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels, Rounders, Hard Eight and Casino. Casino is a film about an Italian Mafia owned casino being run by Ace played by Robert De Niro. Sharon Stone stars as his love interest. The turn of the century came with it great movies. Croupier, The Cooler and Owning Mahoney to mention just a few.

More recent casino and gambling hits include The Gambler by Mark Wahlberg and the star-studded Ocean’s Trilogy. The blockbuster Will Smith movie Focus has great sports betting scene. In the movie, Smith plays a conman using confidence tricks to swindle unsuspecting victims of large amounts of cash. Casino Royale is arguably one of the most popular gambling movies of the 21st century and Daniel Craig gives a superb performance saving the world as Bond, James Bond. Visit AU online casino for popular online slots based on gambling movies.

These three free slot games are as Sweet as Candy

No matter how long we get, chances are good that we still want to have a treat. Of course, a treat can be seen differently depending on who you are. For example, the words, “automatenspiele kostenlos online” might not make sense to you. However, to our German audience those three small words form the foundation of a really good time! We won’t keep you in suspense anymore: it’s the grounds of free slots online, and you can play as much as you want. No one is ever going to try to police your time or what you play, as long as you’re not trying to take someone else’s good time away.

Let’s start you out on the right path with three slots that are so sweet, you’ll think that you’re eating candy:

1. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

This is a slot that’s absolutely thrilling to see. It’s a full 3D slot, which means that you’re in for great graphics. It’s also a 30 payline slot, which gives you plenty of chances to win. The downside is that it doesn’t give you the major payday that other slot games give you. But for our purposes, it’s nice to spin the reels and see what comes up even if it’s smaller than expected.

2. Booty Time

Booty Time

Who doesn’t love a pirate joke dressed up in something naughty? Booty Time is that slot that will make you giggle the first time you hear about it. It has a great and massive jackpot of 2500 coins per line bet, which already got our attention. The graphics are great, and it really did make us feel like we were on a pirate ship.

Look out for the Booty bonus — a great way to get free spins. There’s not that many to be won, but the game that goes along with it are pretty fun. The free spins can also be triggered more than once.

3. True Illusions

True Illusions

If you’re looking for another 3D slot, this one is pretty sweet. True Illusions is all about magic and deception, sleight of hand and interesting magic tricks. Small payouts that are consistently paid out seems to be the theme of this slot, but we like consistency. The max payout is about 1250 coins on a single line, which should get your attention just fine.

You’ve got neat symbols like the guillotine, the magician’s chest and the handkerchief, with each symbol bringing something different. Definitely check this slot game out.

Overall, we think that these slots are pretty fun to play. If you’re looking for a way to take care of weekend stress or you just want to entertain yourself without going out, this list should help you out. Explore and tell us how you liked it!

Instant Win Games Are Making a Glorious Comeback

Most people remember the thrill of going all the way down to the neighborhood convenience store, picking up some scratchers, and sitting outside on the bench seeing if it’s really going to be your lucky day. But now you don’t have to leave home, not when you can play instant win games at The focus is on scratch cards gone digital, instant winners that will tell you immediately where you stand. Sometimes it’s nice to ply quickly and then move on to the next thing.

Instant Win Games

You can play as many instant win games as you want online, where no one will tell you that the store is closing or that they don’t have that particular game out of stock. All of the games you could want to play are there. They all have fun names, colorful graphics, and great sound effects. You even get a scratching sound sometimes with the games, which is always thrilling. The point of the game is that you know where you stand, and then you get to have a little fun. You can win money from instant win games, so the obvious thrill here is the chance to win something. Not all prizes are big, but there is still a surge of excitement when you win.

If you decide to play instant win games, know that there are other options on the site as well. You could always go from the instant win to the slot game without really missing a beat. Now, it might seem like there isn’t that much difference between the scratch card style of gaming and the slot game, but that isn’t true at all. See, when you cross into slot games, you’re going to unlock wild symbols, scatters, and bonus games. All of those features unlock bigger prizes, which is never a bad thing honestly.

The wild symbol can really change the amount of money that you win from a single spin with the video slot. It could even help you unlock a bonus round, where you can get more free spins.

Playing at is easy, and the staff are always available to answer any questions that you have. What we loved when we first signed up was how they let you get different gifts as a result of signing up for the site. Since we don’t want to spoil the fun for you, check out the site yourself and see what they offer.

Play it your Way at

As huge fans of scratch cards, casino games and poker, the Scratch Web team often gets frustrated with the lack of online casinos that cater sufficiently for mobile players. We think it’s particularly important for players like ourselves, who often rely on our mobile phones and tablets to keep us connected when we leave the house, to be able to continue playing our favourite games wherever we go. Of course, if you’re heading to a remote part of the country with iffy network coverage, that’s not always possible. But, considering most of us can now enjoy reliable 3G connections if not super-fast 4G, you’d think that some casino operators could try a little harder to please.

Thankfully, is a breath of fresh air as it’s a brand-new site that treats its mobile and desktop community equally. In fact, it’s absolutely hassle-free to get online and play your choice of casino games, slots and scratch cards as the desktop site is no-download, and the mobile site is designed with HTML5, which means it’s instant AND fully optimised for a wide variety of screen sizes.

casino games via mobile is licensed and regulated right here in the UK by the Gambling Commission. It’s also extremely secure as it takes advantage of the latest SSL encryption software, but if you’re particularly cautious about handing over your credit or debit card details, you can opt to use a variety of other secure payment methods like Paysafecard, Skrill, Pay by Phone, and Neteller.

As self-confessed scratch card fanatics, we’re overjoyed to see an impressive selection of scratch cards on offer at In fact, there’s one to suit almost every mood thanks to titles like Bunny Boiler Gold, Foamy Fortunes, Dawn of the Bread, Game, Set and Scratch, Golden Ghouls, Hand to Hand Combat, and Plunder the Sea.

There’s an equally sizzling array of slots from brands like Microgaming, RabCat, and NextGen, which include classic slot games such as Avalon and Irish Eyes along with much newer releases like Foxin’ Wins Again, Bridesmaids, Owl Eyes, Rugby Star, Castle Builder, and Ragnarok.

On the desktop site, you can play on action-packed live dealer tables where multi-player games are also possible. The mobile version of offers plenty of popular casino games too, which range from American roulette and classic blackjack to Deuces Wild and Aces and Eights Poker.

To top it all off, there’s an excellent value-for-money offer on the table for new players in the shape of a 100% welcome bonus, which can award you as much as £200. If you’d rather play for fun, you can enjoy nearly all the scratch cards, slots and casino games listed in the lobby in demo mode.