Fast action, fast graphics, and fast sounds — those are the overall reasons why we find ourselves hopefully in love with slot games. But if you’ve been pouring over slot reviews, it goes without saying that you want to know a little more. We have been checking out slots reviews, making sure that we know where to play the best games. When it comes to making a little money on the side, who doesn’t want to know more details? It’s not like people are rapidly turning down extra money. We’ve included some features we love seeing in slot play, and we figured you might like these features as well.

1. 243 Ways (Or More!) To Win!

243 Ways slot

The 243 Ways to win format is so awesome because you don’t have to keep track of paylines. All you have to do is spin and hope that you get the right combination of symbols. Some of the 243 Ways to Win games have huge jackpots in excess of 30,000 coins or more! There are even some slots that have up to 90,000 coin jackpots. It’s hard to trigger that final level of prize but it has been done before!

2. Adjustable Coins

slots Coins

Is this a feature on every slot? Sure, but the fine level of control over our bets is a staple that we look to time and time again. If you can’t control how much money is flowing out of your bankroll, you won’t be able to play slots for real money very long.

3. Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds

When stacked wilds come into play, the game gets even more interesting. This is a feature where wilds end up floating to cover the entire reel, boosting your payout considerably.

4. Free Spins


Just saying “free spins” is obviously a given, so what do we mean? Well, we want to make sure that we can trigger the free spins feature over and over again. When you’re playing for real money, this means that you are basically getting to win prizes without having to put down any more coins to get them.

5. Bonus Games

Bonus Games

Some bonus games are pretty straightforward, while other bonus games have levels that you have to work through in order to get to the top prizes. Those are pretty cool, but just the presence of any bonus game is pretty important to us.

6. Scatter / Multiplier

Scatter Slots

Amplifying your wins is a satisfying finish to a great session of slots. Make sure that you’re looking for games that include a good scatter feature. The more scatter symbols, the higher your overall multiplier usually ends up. Look for superhero-themed slot games especially, because they really like to heap on the multiplier effect. You know, to make your winnings…super. 🙂

We are pretty big into slots, but we still have room for other games. But while we’re on the subject of slots, you tell us: what features do you look for in a good slot game? What features do you wish you could remove to improve the gameplay? Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments and let us know!

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