No matter how long we get, chances are good that we still want to have a treat. Of course, a treat can be seen differently depending on who you are. For example, the words, “automatenspiele kostenlos online” might not make sense to you. However, to our German audience those three small words form the foundation of a really good time! We won’t keep you in suspense anymore: it’s the grounds of free slots online, and you can play as much as you want. No one is ever going to try to police your time or what you play, as long as you’re not trying to take someone else’s good time away.

Let’s start you out on the right path with three slots that are so sweet, you’ll think that you’re eating candy:

1. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

This is a slot that’s absolutely thrilling to see. It’s a full 3D slot, which means that you’re in for great graphics. It’s also a 30 payline slot, which gives you plenty of chances to win. The downside is that it doesn’t give you the major payday that other slot games give you. But for our purposes, it’s nice to spin the reels and see what comes up even if it’s smaller than expected.

2. Booty Time

Booty Time

Who doesn’t love a pirate joke dressed up in something naughty? Booty Time is that slot that will make you giggle the first time you hear about it. It has a great and massive jackpot of 2500 coins per line bet, which already got our attention. The graphics are great, and it really did make us feel like we were on a pirate ship.

Look out for the Booty bonus — a great way to get free spins. There’s not that many to be won, but the game that goes along with it are pretty fun. The free spins can also be triggered more than once.

3. True Illusions

True Illusions

If you’re looking for another 3D slot, this one is pretty sweet. True Illusions is all about magic and deception, sleight of hand and interesting magic tricks. Small payouts that are consistently paid out seems to be the theme of this slot, but we like consistency. The max payout is about 1250 coins on a single line, which should get your attention just fine.

You’ve got neat symbols like the guillotine, the magician’s chest and the handkerchief, with each symbol bringing something different. Definitely check this slot game out.

Overall, we think that these slots are pretty fun to play. If you’re looking for a way to take care of weekend stress or you just want to entertain yourself without going out, this list should help you out. Explore and tell us how you liked it!

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