Most people remember the thrill of going all the way down to the neighborhood convenience store, picking up some scratchers, and sitting outside on the bench seeing if it’s really going to be your lucky day. But now you don’t have to leave home, not when you can play instant win games at The focus is on scratch cards gone digital, instant winners that will tell you immediately where you stand. Sometimes it’s nice to ply quickly and then move on to the next thing.

Instant Win Games

You can play as many instant win games as you want online, where no one will tell you that the store is closing or that they don’t have that particular game out of stock. All of the games you could want to play are there. They all have fun names, colorful graphics, and great sound effects. You even get a scratching sound sometimes with the games, which is always thrilling. The point of the game is that you know where you stand, and then you get to have a little fun. You can win money from instant win games, so the obvious thrill here is the chance to win something. Not all prizes are big, but there is still a surge of excitement when you win.

If you decide to play instant win games, know that there are other options on the site as well. You could always go from the instant win to the slot game without really missing a beat. Now, it might seem like there isn’t that much difference between the scratch card style of gaming and the slot game, but that isn’t true at all. See, when you cross into slot games, you’re going to unlock wild symbols, scatters, and bonus games. All of those features unlock bigger prizes, which is never a bad thing honestly.

The wild symbol can really change the amount of money that you win from a single spin with the video slot. It could even help you unlock a bonus round, where you can get more free spins.

Playing at is easy, and the staff are always available to answer any questions that you have. What we loved when we first signed up was how they let you get different gifts as a result of signing up for the site. Since we don’t want to spoil the fun for you, check out the site yourself and see what they offer.

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