When it comes to which games of lotto become a fast favourite all over the world, and which sell average amounts in their own country alone, one must factor in the odds of winning. Not just the odds of a jackpot win but the chances of being able to make any return on the money you spend on your tickets. When it comes to the EuroJackpot, the odds of winning cash are going to be all important.

If you’re a serious lottery player chances are you’ve already purchased your Euro Jackpot ticket online when they went on sale on March 10th. Well if you’re awaiting the first draw on Friday 23rd then make sure you know what type of cash you can win and how likely you are to win it.

For it’s €10,000,000 minimum jackpot the EuroJackpot actually has some of the best top prize winning odds of any lottery game in the world. It’s approximately a 1 in 59 million chance of you matching all 7 Euro Jackpot numbers for a top prize win. This almost twice as good as the Euro Millions and almost three times as good as the Mega Millions!

Not setting your sites on the main prize? For those of you who match just one less than all 7 numbers you’ll be looking to claim approximately €250,000! Your odds of doing so are roughly 1 in 4,943,773!

Those massively reduced odds from first place will see many second prize tickets being redeemed. For those in third place matching only their 5 main numbers a prize of roughly €52,000 will be awarded. Odds of matching those 5 numbers only are approximately 1 in 3,955,019. 

The very best Euro Jackpot odds are those for fourth place however. Fourth place winners can claim a prize of just over €3000. To win in fourth place the player must match 4 of their main numbers and both of the extra numbers, this might sound unlikely but the odds of doing so are an incredible 1 in 263,668!

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