There has been so many additions to scratch lotto ticket options over the the last few years. They have been setting up many new features & pushing a lot of boundaries, and many people are getting involved. The prize points are getting higher and higher. If you suddenly decided you wanted to gain access to the world of scratch lotto, you now can for as little as $1. As you dive deeper & deeper into this, you will begin to find that there are some tips and tricks that can help improve your chances of gaining more wins, and it all starts with what you’re playing and what you’re not playing. In the following article we outline very simple tricks to quickly enhance your chances of winning.

Be Sure To Look For The New Options

Talk to the man or woman behind the counter first. Be sure that you go to a convenience store or supermarket that you are familiar with, and ask them if there are any new options & if so which ones are they. They’ll let you know which games have been newly stocked, and which ones are seasonal. Make sure you look out for the new games, and play a full roll of them. You will find that within just a few dollars, you’ll have at least 1 winning ticket. It may not be a huge amount & we certainly cannot guarantee you will make profit but it will definitely increase your chances.

Be Sure To Look Online For Prizes Left

One of the golden rules whilst using scratch cards is: Do not play any scratch game without looking up the information online. Go online to your state’s lottery page and make sure that you are playing games that have prizes left. If you see that a game doesn’t have any prizes leftover, don’t play it, simple as that. A lot of convenience stores & online scratch games will discontinue a scratchy until prizes are refreshed but to be on the safe side it is important to review prizes left online before proceeding to play.

Be Sure To Check The Small Print

You may think that this sounds more like advice you would hear before taking out a loan or buying a new android or smartphone, but it also applies for scratch cards. Many people don’t realize the small print on scratchy’s can often tell you what your odds of winning on that specific card are. So of course, it is essential to read it. What kind of player wants to opt for longer odds over shorter odds?

Be Sure To Submit All Losing Tickets

The only way you can be absolutely sure you have not won is if you have your tickets checked properly. Whether it is a winning combination that you’ve missed or there is simply an error on the card that could make you eligible for some form of payment. There is always the chance you might have missed something, be it obvious or not. Always submit your “losing tickets”! The tips highlighted above should be followed if you plan on getting better odds with the lotto at any level, it is as simple as that.

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