Bingo World Records

As the internet continues to expand the game of bingo all around the globe, more players are taking to online bingo halls than ever before. While the internet has helped transform bingo into a very modern game, it’s far from a recent pastime, dating all the way back to 16th Century Italy.

Bingo’s simple gameplay (like at, the promise of cash prizes, and the game’s fun, social aspect has seen the game go through huge surges in popularity over the years, setting some impressive world records along the way. These world records have been set far and wide, all over the world, testament to the game’s unique ability to translate not just across geographical and cultural boundaries, but across technological boundaries too.

The Fastest Full House Ever

Britain is one of the biggest bingo-ing nations in the world, with over 3.5 million regular players, so it’s only fitting that the UK should be home to at least one of the world records set by its favourite pastime. 24-year old Darryl Howe from Gloucestershire managed to scoop a staggering full house in January 2010 in an online game – his first ever game of bingo!

Just 40 minutes after opening his account he landed a full house, and the €18,000 jackpot, on a 90-ball bingo game. His fellow players were stunned by the speed of his win, where his 15-number full house came after just 23 calls. The odds of scoring a full house within 23 calls in a 90-ball game is an amazing 96 billion to one! Continue reading “Bingo World Records”