Anyone who plays the lottery or slots machines has that same dream- what am I going to do when I finally hit the jackpot? It might not be at the front of your mind, it might not even be something you think about consciously but whenever you’re at the casino and spinning those reels there’s going to be a part of you planning exactly how many jets you’re going to want to buy with the millions. The small wins are all fine and well, you might even be playing the game just because it’s fun, but nobody is going to be heartbroken to see they’ve suddenly become a millionaire thanks to a lucky spin of the reels.

While the odds aren’t exactly in your favour, if you do end up landing a jackpot it’s vitally important that you know what to do, last thing you want is to hit the jackpot and then had to get a quick flight home to get your ID so you can actually claim it. That’s why we have this handy infographic, just give it a read through and see what the expected processes are going to be. In case you live in America, we’ve included the fact that you’ll probably need to pay a big chunk of the winnings in tax after you hit it big (our sympathies).

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