If you have ever wanted to test your gaming skills, and your luck of course, but you weren’t quite confident enough in using online casinos for whatever reason then now is your chance to play at a free casino with no deposit needed. You will get a £10 welcome bonus to play with, and unlike most other sites you are not required to put in any of your own money to receive it!

When you take up this offer of a free casino no deposit at vipclubcasino.com you are under no obligation at all to them. You can walk away at any time if you are not satisfied with their selection of slot machines, scratch cards, and regular casino games too of course. If you don’t like how they run their business, or you’re not happy with their customer support, or whatever else your reason is… you can just leave without spending any of your own money.

no deposit casino

If you’re like me, and most other people I know, then you may tend to stick with your favourite slot machines or your lucky table at a “real life” casino. Maybe you just enjoy that particular game, or maybe it’s superstition… whatever the reason is, it can stop you from trying new things because you don’t want to lose money by playing something that you are not familiar with. That is a very valid concern in my opinion, but when you are playing with what is basically free money it is the perfect time for you to branch out and try your luck on something that you may have never dared to do before. And you know what they say… fortune favours the brave!

Did I mention that you can also get double your money if you eventually decide to make a deposit of your own? No? OK well just read on and I will explain. For your first two deposits they will match whatever you put in, up to £1000 in total, which effectively gives you twice the chance to hit the big money and allows you to play longer with the same amount of money than you would be able to elsewhere. Or maybe you will take this chance to bet a little more than you normally would, and bigger bets mean bigger payouts if you do it right. Whatever you decide, this is basically just more free money that vipclubcasino.com will throw at you just as their way of saying “welcome to the club”.

You can play and win in this casino on just about any device you can think of: most modern mobile phones, tablets such as an iPad, or simply from the comfort of your own home on a desktop computer. Personally I like to do a bit of both… I’ll check in and have a few spins using my phone while I’m on the train or just out and about, then when I get home in the evening I can take my time for a more in-depth gaming session.

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