Thanks to a move online in the mid-1990s, and serious technological developments over the past few decades, casino games are faster, flashier and more accessible than ever before. Indeed, millions of us are now enjoying the expansive selection of casino games available across all our favourite devices, and more wi-fi hotspots mean we can pull out our smartphones or tablets and have a quick gaming session whenever and wherever we choose.

But all this, combined with the cutting-edge graphics on show in in today’s online slots, blackjack and roulette titles, also mean it’s easy to forget the long and rich histories which lie behind some of the most popular casino games. Many have been played for centuries and are steeped in fun facts and mysterious legends.

Were you aware, for example, that it was once believed being a profitable roulette player involved making a dodgy deal with the devil? Or that slot machines used to act like glorified vending machines, popping out chewing gum to successful gamblers? And although many dab hands at the card table may think they know blackjack, the origins of this classic remain clouded in French mystery. . .

Whilst knowing the stories behind the casino games you love to play may not necessarily improve your skill or luck, you will find them all the more enjoyable when you feel connected to the long history of players across the globe who have come before you. Below, you’ll find brief descriptions on the origins of some of the most-played types of game widely-available online right now. Take a read and prepare to see your favourite casino games in a whole new light.

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